Virtuoso iPaper: FAQ

We are aware that there are other page-flipping programs available, but it is our belief that we have the best package of combined services in the digital publishing industry. We have a graphic design, marketing and publishing background, which enables us to help you build the best possible digital publication.

Below you will find answers to some common questions.

Q: Is the Virtuoso product an independent mechanism or can I integrate it into my existing website?

A: It is your choice. There are several options from which to choose. You can use the Virtuoso product on its own as an independent hosted website or you can simply link to it from your own website. You can also place your Virtuoso product within an iFrame on your own website.

Q: What if my webmaster tells me that they can do this themselves?

A: Maybe they can, but do they really know the ins and outs of all the programming required? Off the shelf products simply do not have all of the valuable features that Virtuoso already has built-in.

Q: Will you work directly with my webmaster to add the iPaper to our site?

A: Virtuoso CGI will work with you or your webmaster to make absolutely sure that you are thrilled with your Virtuoso product and that you are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it.

Q: I think the page-flipping thing is just a gimmick. Can you show me some real advantages?

A: Visually, it may appear to be somewhat of a gimmick, but we invite you take a close look at the built-in features that make it much, much more. Plus, everyone you know is familiar with reading books, newspapers and magazines, which makes the Virtuoso product very appealing and fun for everyone to read.

Q: How can this actually save me money?

A: Most companies are still using offset printing for catalogs, brochures and training manuals that contain many pages. These printing costs are often exorbitant and the materials printed often become obsolete very quickly. Our customers are saving on outsourcing costs including: production, printing, storage and shipping. They are also saving on web programming and development.

Q: What kind of files do I have to provide you?

A: Virtuoso product is produced from a simple .pdf file. When making your .pdf, turn off all printer marks and bleeds and save it in single-page format (not spreads). We will provide you complete specifications and assistance as needed. We can also work directly from your InDesign graphics files if necessary.

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