Virtuoso iPaper: Features & Options


Zoom –  in and out up to 200% with click on page or up-down arrow keys on keyboard

Print –  left page, right page or spreads 

Download to PDF –  as a spread, a section or all pages

Navigation –  using mouse, arrow buttons  or arrow keys on your keyboard 

Overview –  provides small view of all pages in the publication 

Index –  with links to relevant pages in the publication

Search –  entire publication by entering text or item numbers

Archive – standard or 3D access to publications

Tip a Friend –  by E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious or StumpleUpon 

News Ticker –  adds scrolling information or RSS feeds from your site shown below the publication

Full Screen View –  button allows for maximum size viewing

Active Logo – insert your logo in the interface and link it to your website 

Intro Page Text –  editable text with links that appear before the first page in the publication 

Interface Design –  flexible design capabilities allow you to customize your overall look

Pre-loader Logo –  allows your own logo and message to appear while the publication loads 

Mini Teaser –  a static or page flip mini version which can be added to your website 

Statistics –  allows you to access comprehensive information on user behavior

Google Optimization –  allows you to integrate with Google Analytics 

ADD-ON MODULES  (Call for Pricing)

You can purchase a wide range of modules that allow you to design a solution that meets your exact needs for your business.

Link Media –  This module enables you to enrich your publication with links, video, audio and Flash elements.

Create Your Own Catalog –   This module enables the user to pick out relevant pages in the Virtuoso iPaper and put together their own publication.

Custom Domain –  This module makes it appear like the publication is hosted on your own server. However, it requires access to your own domain.

Custom Link Import –  All links and the belonging actions in the PDF are automatically transferred to the iPaper with the Custom Link Import. Virtuoso iPaper CMS automatically intercepts the links and adds a certain action to every link – e.g. to direct the reader to your webshop. Custom Link Import also requires the Link Media Module.

File Publisher –  With this module you can attach files. All types of files can be attached.

Forms –  The Form Module allows you to create individual forms in the Virtuoso iPaper to be filled out by the reader. You can collect information, conduct consumer surveys, arrange competitions and much more. The Form Module requires the Link Media Module.

IP Filter –  With Virtuoso iPaper IP Filter you can secure your internal material. Through a specific IP address you decide who should be able to access the publication and from where.

Offline Version –  Supplement your Virtuoso iPaper with an offline version to be used on exhibits, on a memeory stick, etc.

Password –  When only a certain group of people should have access to the Virtuoso iPaper, you can ‘protect’ the publication with a password.

Remote Authentication –  With the Remote Authentication Module you can control who should be able to access a Virtuoso iPaper publication – e.g. paying subscribers. Besides handling your own security control, you are also able to get logs on user behavior. Technically the module allows the Virtuoso iPaper CMS to live validate log in information from users in your system.

Shop –  Allows the user add products seen in a Virtuoso iPaper publication to a shopping list. The shopping list is forwarded to your web shop. The Shop Module requires the Link Media Module.

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