Virtuoso iPaper: Advanced Statistics, User Behavior and Reports

Virtuoso CGI provides advanced reports that will vastly improve your marketing analysis. Valuable information that you would never receive from your printed brochures or catalogs.

Your own Password Protected Statistics Login will be provided.

You will have the ability to export the data as an Excel document or view the statistics directly in your browser by clicking on the various tabs within the Statistics Admin.

Click locations via Heatmap:

View the most popular click locations via the Virtuoso iPaper Heat Map technology. This can also be downloaded as a PDF file for further review and analysis.


Virtuoso CGI brings you knowledge you didn’t have before. With the statistics functionality, you can get information on the behavior of your users throughout the entire publication. You can keep track of where they click, where they come from, how much time they spend and much more.

You can use this information to optimize your next publication and thereby meet the needs of your readers.

Statistics is a standard functionality in all licenses and the data can be accessed from your own Virtuoso CMS administration login.

Virtuoso CGI and Google

Virtuoso CGI is optimized with Google. This validates that your magazine, catalog or brochure will be recognized in search engines. You are also able to connect your publication to Google Analytics.

Social Networking

View reports of how many times your readers have shared your publication via Email, FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

View your Statistics in Excel

You can export all or selected data directly from the Virtuoso CGI Statistics CMS. This makes it easier for you to analyze and compare the data.

Screen Examples:


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